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Sent: Monday, June 2, 2008 1:59:20 PM
Subject: Just a note of thanks

Hey there grill king,

 My name is Ron, I was the father of the kid that came up to you after eating your ribs there and told you you was more than welcome to the house to cook them up for him again. Your grill skills there took what could have been a kind of bad set up after they cancelled the air show to a pretty good bonding time over the plate of ribs on saturday. It did crack me up, I could not get many words out of him though cause he was defending them better than I have seen him guard anything. He talked about it for awhile afterward for sure, I actually wish I was closer to you, I am located down in Erie or else you would be one of my choices of the place to go. Thanks again buddy, you did not even know it but you helped keep the day alive!!!

Ron Erving Jr

I recently had the opportunitity to patronize the business of the Detroit Grill King, and I must say that my food has never tasted better. My meat is tender, and the food has a superb smokey flavor like never before. I now look forward to grilling on the weekends, and so do my family and friends. It was a delight doing business with Mr. Robert Felton, and recommend his service to anyone who enjoys great tasting food outside on the grill!

Wendell N. Davis Jr. Esq.
Attorney at Law

I have always been a charcoal barbeque purist, ever since I was a kid. I don't like the taste that propane imparts to food, it leaves a chemical taste that spoils even the best cuts of meat. Approximately three years ago I was looking for a new, large size grill to accomodate the needs of our large family and our even larger family getogethers.

I met the Detroit Grill King(Mr. Robert Felton) after seeing one of his lawn signs. I went to his shop and looked over his proof book, which pictured the wide range of grills he manufactures. We discussed the pros and cons of each grill, and Mr. Felton helped us select the right barrel grill for our family.

He delivered the grill to my house, no extra charge, and helped us set it up and learn how to use the grill to its fullest advantage. He came on time, charged a fair price, and even came to one of our barbeque parties to be sure that everything was working out as planned.

I have never owned a better barbeque. I know no one who owns a better grill, nor anyone who manufactures a finer barbeque grill. I particularly like Mr. Felton's patented "searing set-up", which allows one to sear meat first and then slow cook or smoke it to perfection.

Buying this grill was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Mr. Felton is a hardworking, honest man who truly loves what he does.

Paul B. Friedman, MD, FACS

Robert Felton's gourmet cooking equipment has turned my families dried out burger experience into a gourmet feast! I now specialize in grilled, smoked and herbed whole chicken along with ribs and aroma's that draw eveyone to the grill for more.

The grill is also excellent for roasted peppers, vegetables and there is nothing better than grilled and lightly smoked lobster on the grill.

I am now able to do perfectly turned out barbequed shrimp and other seafood kabobs.

Robert keep up the good work WE LOVE OUR NEW GRILL!

Cheap Jim

July 7, 2003

Dear Friends,

This past 4th of July weekend, my family and I celebrated our nation's independence with a cook-out of steaks and ribs prepared on my barrel grill, which I purchased from Detroit's "Grill King" back in 1987.

The size of the grill allows me to cook for a large group, or for just my immediate family. And the design circulates the smoke around the meat which gives it that perfect taste. I also appreciate the wood shelves attached to the grill, so that I can put my seasonings and utensils right where I need them.

I use my barrel grill year round, and it has been a dependable, excellent investment. I give it my highest recommendation: 2 thumbs up!

Melvin Butch Hollowell

Hello Robert:
Just want to tell you that I am still doing my thing on my Detroit Grill King. I was in a SEARS the other day and a salesperson tried to tell me about some kind of grill they were selling. I just laughed at him and told him, I am serious about my grillin'...I have a Detroit Grill King and that's all I need. I get a lot of compliments from guests, because the food just taste better on a Detroit Grill King. When I'm not doing ribs, I use your searing system for all our steaks. It's fast and efficient. Excellent idea. Thanx so very much for my Detroit Grill King.
ECI Environmental Compliance
Hello Robert!

This is Mike Willard. I don't know if you remember me but I purchased a double barrel grill (the big daddy) from you back in 1997. If you remember it was the grill on the front page of the February 13th 1997 Detroit News (I think you have a picture of it on your web site). You delivered the grill to my Northville Condo (I've moved, I'm in Plymouth now). I actually have a framed copy of the newspaper article along with a picture of you and me next to the grill when you delivered it. It has become a popular side story when people walk into my home office. Anyways, I hope you remember me, I thoroughly enjoy my grill and have been using it year round since you delivered it. Everyone that comes over is very impressed with it and jealous!

I spoke to you a couple years back (boy does time fly) about getting some extra grates for my grill. I would also like another searing rack so I can cooks steaks on the entire grill. If I email you the dimensions of the grates and the searing rack can you get back to me with a price.

I got a kick out of your Rome picture. My wife Judi and I were in Rome a little over a year ago and actually went to the American Embassy. Had we known you had a grill there we would have said something. You probably get asked this a million times but how did you happen to sell a grill to them?

You web site looks great! I hope your business is going well.


Contact Robert: Phone: (313) 221-0617



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