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Here is a recent testimonial, which Detroit GrillKing received via email. A father and
son had attended the Detroit airshow this year, where Detroit GrillKing was

Here is the email we received !

Sent: Monday, June 2, 2008 1:59:20 PM
Subject: Just a note of thanks

Hey there grill king,

 My name is Ron, I was the father of the kid that came up to you after eating your ribs
there and told you was more than welcome to the house to cook them up for him
again. Your grill skills there took what could have been a kind of bad set up after they
cancelled the air show to a pretty good bonding time over the plate of ribs on saturday.
It did crack me up, I could not get many words out of him though cause he was
defending them better than I have seen him guard anything. He talked about it for
awhile afterward for sure, I actually wish I was closer to you, I am located down in
Erie or else you would be one of my choices of the place to go. Thanks again buddy,
you did not even know it but you helped keep the day alive!!!

Ron Erving Jr

  Detroit GrillKing BBQ Sauce    

Contact Robert: Phone: (313) 221-0617

Detroit Grill King
19645 Hanna, Detroit Michgan
Phone: (313) 221-0617

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