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Grill Of The Year

Picasso !
Our finest grill
and a true
work of art !

SuperMan grill with smokebox


Use Kingford charcoal briquets.

Cook food slow and evenly.

Turn food often.

Remove all fat from meat.

Use a good cut of meat

Use a good dry rub on your rib.
use mustard on your ribs
if you like a nice thick crust on them !

When 3\4 done wrap in aluminum foil for one hour.

Add fruit wood or hickory wood to your charcoal.

Take your time dont rush good food.

Use newspaper to start your grill - Ball up 3 pages of newspaper,
and repeat until you have 5 balls of paper. Put these balls directly on the bottom
of the grill. Put meat rack back in, and add charcoal to top of the meat rack, and now light
the balls of paper. When charcoal is hot, dump it to the bottom of the BBQ. This
cleans the bbq grill for you also !

Basting is important. Make sure to baste on a regular basis.
2 parts vineagar to 8 parts water

Glazing your meat with sauce on open grill at the end is good.



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