Robert Felton, ( Detroit GrillKing ) FIRST PLACE for ribs and chicken at the UAW BBQ Championship on Belle Isle State Park

SuperMan with firebox – Detroit GrillKing

Double Superman w/ Firebox

Two grills in one!

The Double Superman grill features a configurable design that lets you cook with high temps using our Searing System (great for steaks, chops, hotdogs and more), low temps for low-n-slow cooking and the attached firebox lets you smoke ribs, chicken and more.

Left Side Features: 
High-Temp Searing System + Med/Low Temp Charcoal Placement
Adjustable Vents

Right Side Features: 
Attached Firebox for smoking, Med/Low-Temp Charcoal Placement
Adjustable Vents (on grill and firebox)

Click the image to see a larger view.

I build custom barrel BBQ grills !